Welcome to Styled Pop Up Series!

If you are a small business warrior, part time hustler, or full time dreamer this is just for YOU! As a photographer I am always looking for opportunities to let my wild ideas push the envelope and involve new vendors! I am passionate about my business and love nothing more than capturing love stories… So much so that I want to make up fake love stories!

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Founded By: Quianna Marie Photography

“Fresh out of college I had no clue what a styled shoot was… and I wish I did! The first couple years of my business I struggled searching for opportunities to attract the brides that were as obsessed with photos and gorgeous details as much as I was! How could I make brides just trust me?” Once I discovered styled shoots my business grew dramatically and I literally owe it to loving and serving my clients, while dazzling them with amazing images from collaboration shoots! I’m so excited to share this Styled Pop Up Series journey with you!”



Q: How many photographers will be there? I hate fighting for shooting space and would love my own composition, instead of duplicates of everyone else’s work!

A: Great Question! We are only accepting a limited amount of photographers. 15 total. With over 6 stations to photograph with break out sessions you will have plenty of space. Photographers will trade off being the main shooter directing and posing while the other practices second shooting.

Q: Am I able to share and post the images right away? Will I have the rights to photos?

A: ABSOLUTELY! All photos taken during the Pop Up will be yours to post, share and publish for your business. The only thing required is to share credit for vendors involved when posting to social media.

Q: What do I need to bring?

A: Your camera gear for photographing. Notebook for jotting down fun facts. That’s about it!

Q: What should I wear?

A: Plan to wear closed toed shoes/boots as we will be in the woods and potentially walking through dirt and leaves. Also, pack a jacket and prepare for a chilly night just in case.

Q: Do I have to have any experience shooting weddings to attend?

A: Absolutely no experience required! In fact, if you are asking this question these Styled Pop Up Series are designed for you! These Pop Ups are safe zones for you to practice, ask questions and challenge yourself for improvements.

Q: What if I am a seasoned photographer? Will this even be worth it?

A: Umm… YES! This is a great opportunity to meet your local vendors and have fun capturing details. Oh the lovely details! Plus the food will be great. Trust me, I’m all about the food!

Q: What if I only want to show up for the Styled Shoot? Do I need to pay for the whole thing?

A: Since this is an experience based series, yes the payment in full is required to attend. This includes if you need to arrive later due to your work schedule or skip out early for dinner with the kids.

Q: What if I am part of a husband/wife or partner team?

A: If you both are attending, then yes both need to pay full price as you will potentially be grabbing another spot for a willing and interested photographer.


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